The MFC21 fight show at the Vikings Auditorium in Canberra is a night to remember! High Impact had 3 fighters competing on the night with Scott Allen up first in the 4 man eliminator. Scott ended it very quickly with his opponent not being able to continue onto the second round. He went through to the finals where again Scott took no time at all making mince meat of his second opponent by delivering the biggest cross we have seen in a long time to knock his competitor clean out again in the very first round!. Next up was Nicole Lowe-Tarbert who had her very first night fight show that night. Her opposition came out firing and giving it everything she got but Nicole managed to stay as cool as a cucumber during the flurry of punches being thrown her way. Nicole found her feet halfway through the first round and gave her opponent a little taste of her own medicine. Their fight lasted the whole 3 rounds with Nicole’s competitor tiring towards the end of the fight. Nicole let no time waste and took advantage of this by throwing in some massive head kicks,teeps and turning kicks galore! She won by a unanimous decision from the judges! Last up was Andrew “All Day” Abbott who really didn’t have to work all day… just roughly 45 seconds to destroy his opponents ribs with some solid knee work to win by TKO. This was Andrew’s 4th fight after having 18 months off from competing. It was absolutely fantastic to have so many of our fighters compete in the one show. A huge thank you goes out to all the supporters who cheered, screamed and made sure Canberra knows High Impact is one club not to mess with. OSU!

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